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Guest Post and Giveaway with Tera Lynn Childs

Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop on the Forgive My Fins blog tour! It's my first ever blog tour, and I'm SUPER excited to welcome TERA LYNN CHILDS, author of FORGIVE MY FINS (which by the way is amazing - I gave it 5 FEET! There's a link to my review at the bottom of this post :) )  to Cheezyfeet Books today :D She has so kindly written a guest post for me all about - SUSHI! :)


In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel can talk with the sea life. Flounder is her fishy best friend and Sebastian is her crustacean keeper. Seagulls collect trinkets, eels spy, and there are whole underwater orchestras. In Forgive My Fins, though, mermaids have a very different relationship with their fellow ocean dwellers. Mostly, they eat them.
My mermaids are huge sushi fans. Living right there in the ocean they get the very freshest there is, just like eating an apple fresh off the tree. When half-mermaid princess Lily moves onto land to stay with her human aunt, mediocre sushi is one of the prices she has to pay to be away from her underwater world.
It might seem weird for mermaids to eat fish and shellfish, but it’s no different than humans eating other mammals. (Well, some humans. I’m vegan, so I’m mammal-eating-free.) And it only makes sense that if you live in a world surrounded by plentiful fish you’ll probably eat some.
Personally, I’m a huge sushi fan. I don’t eat the sushi with raw fish or cream cheese anymore, but I do love a good avocado roll. And a roll with tempura sweet potato is amazing. I will make an occasional vegan exception and order a dish of green tea ice cream, a close second favorite flavor to the retired Ben & Jerry’s White Russian.
So it should come as no surprise that my mermaids are sushi-loving fiends. They are the snobbiest of the snobs because they know that the freshest and the tastiest sushi of all comes from directly under the sea. And they don’t feel any guiltier for having a salmon-filled Philadelphia roll than most people do for eating a cheeseburger and fries. Well, than most non-vegan people do.


Wasn't that awesome? I loved it :) I have reviewed Forgive My Fins here - so if you want to go and read how awesome I thought it was, you are most welcome to :) (Go on, go now! You know you want to ;D )

I also have a giveaway for you! Templar have very kindly offered a shiny (and can I just say, it's REALLY shiny) new UK copy of Forgive My Fins to give away to one lucky winner! Want it? All you have to do is enter using the form below! There are a couple of ways of getting extra entries, but of course, you don't have to if you only want to be entered once :) 

The Rules: 
- One entry per person, though extra entries can be gathered. Any duplicates will be deleted. 
- Open to UK only due to publishers request - Sorry international peeps! 
- Giveaway close exactly 1 week from now, on Saturday 9th of July at 12pm UK TIME. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Entries after the closing date will NOT be counted. 

Enter with this form for your chance to win!

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  1. I don't think I'd do well as a mermaid because I don't like seafood at all and the thought of sushi just makes me want to ... well you get the idea.

    I did love Forgive My Fins though. Glad you did too.

  2. Really want this book. Nom nom fish, hungry for sushi now :)


  3. I am also a sushi-eater. I think the mermaids and me might just get along fine! :)

    And thank you for the chance to win FORGIVE MY FINS!! :)

    Cherry Mischievous

  4. Yikes! Thank you Bella!!! X)


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