Saturday, 4 December 2010

Busting the Newbie Blues!

Small Review is hosting an event called 'Busting the Newbie Blues', which is all about helping new YA book bloggers. For info, go here

This event is designed to:
  • Put new YA book bloggers on the map.
  • Increase blogger interaction
  • Start a discussion by sharing our experiences as a new blogger
  • Learn about what it was like for all those impressive established blogger when they were newbies. 
So, we had a to pick a questionnaire to answer, and I chose the 'New Bloggers' one. 

1. When did you start your blog?
I started my blog in February using Wordpress, but I didn't like the way it was set up, so moved to Blogger, where I could have more freedom to make my blog how I wanted it to be. So, Cheezyfeet Books was started on 1st July 2010. 

2. Why did you start your blog?
I was bored one day, and I wanted to make a site where I could recommend books to friends. I never set out to review books, but it just sort of happened. And I'm very glad it did!

3. What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far? 
When I first started blogging, I found it very difficult to get people to visit my blog, and for the first month or so I had very little visitors, and never got any comments. I almost gave up because I didn't want to take time posting reviews when no one was going to read them. When I got my first few followers though, I was so happy, and it just motivated me more to keep going.

4. What do you find most discouraging about being a new blogger?
Um. There's nothing really discouraging about it, just that when you go to other people's blogs, and they have loads of followers, and loads of comments, and you don't, it's quite hard not to be jealous... :L

5. What do you find most encouraging?
It has to be all the wonderful people out there who help! People who host memes, people who hold events and giveaways, and just generally the people who take the time to read your posts and make meaningful comments. They make it all feel worthwhile. =] 

6. What do you like the best about the blogs you read? Have you tried to replicate this in your blog?
The thing I love most is the fact that every single blog is completely different. I love how everyone's blog reflects their personality, and I've tried to make my blog as much like me as possible. 

7. What do you dislike about blogs you've read? Do you try to avoid this?
I don't particularly dislike anything about blogs, because I know that people, if they're like me, then they spend an awful lot of time working on their blogs, making them the way they are now, so I try not to dislike anything. However, I try to keep my sidebars un-cluttered, because sometimes if you have a sidebar or two filled with too many cool things, then the readers just get distracted from the actual posts, so I try and keep my sidebars tidy. Doesn't stop me from having a few countdowns and buttons though... :L

8. Any advice for other new bloggers?
Um... Keep at it, and if you feel like giving up, (like I did) don't because it will be so worth it! =]

9. Anything else you'd like to share about your experience? 
Just that I really enjoy doing it, and I actually can't remember what I did before I spent ages reviewing books, and commenting on people's blogs... And that I love all the awesome people who helped me get where I am now!

10. Is there anything you'd like to tell us about your blog? 
Well, lots of people have been asking why I called my blog 'Cheezyfeet' Books, and the answer is, ever since I was little, I've always been known as Cheezyfeet on the internet, and my email addresses and MSN, etc. It's not because I have cheesy feet, because I don't (I hope!), it's just, that I have always been Cheezyfeet, and I cannot remember what started it. It just is that way, and I thought it seemed appropriate at the time. =] 

So thank you to Small Review for hosting this event, I think it's a great way to help new bloggers, and it should be great fun! =] 


  1. Bella, I'm so glad you participated in this event! Your blog is such a great reflection of you, and it's awesome to have you as a part of this community. The amazing thing about book blogging is that all of our blogs contribute to our community, even the smaller ones.

    Never get discouraged if you have less followers than other blogs. The people that comment and follow and hype your blog day after day are the ones that matter and the ones that will be there to tout your blog in the end! :)

  2. Hi Bella, your answers are really encouraging. I love your blog. It is easy to read and very organised. I'm off to have more of a look around :)

  3. Thank you for participating! I've enjoyed reading your responses (and I was wondering about your blog name!)

    It's probably no surprise, given my own blog, but I love the pink color you chose!

    It looks like you have a bunch of great reviews here. I'm off to go read some :)

  4. Oh, number 4 really struck a cord with me, because yeah, I have totally felt the green-eyed monster of jealousy.

    I still feel jealous sometimes, not so much because of followers, but because of the books some other bloggers get a chance to read (I don't necessarily mean ARCs, it can also mean a book I'm still waiting for in the mail and that I'm dying to read).

    Also, I love that you talk about not giving up. Always good advice!

  5. Hello, happy to meet you and to have found your blog through this event! Nice to know about your blog name, haha.

  6. LOL I was wondering about the name of your blog too! :D I agree about the cluttered sidebars - too many items (especially if they are animated) can distract from reading the posts.

  7. It's definitely hard to get people to a blog. I was lucky to find the Hops as soon as I started blogging. Otherwise, I'm sure no one would have ever visited.

  8. I've been thinking about jumping from WP to Blogger. Do you ever regret it? It sure would be nice to have GFC.

    Good to meet you!

  9. Having people hold memes and events definitely makes it easier to connect.

    I love that you gave a little background about how you came up with your blog name.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I think we all struggle with the whole comments/followers things. I have doll blog on WP and think of the two formats, Blogger is easier to find repeat visitors. If WP would finally let GFC connect with their site... It might be different!!!


  12. New follower, I love your encouraging words about no giving up, it can be hard when you feel like no one is reading your blog. Love how you gave some back story on you blog name, very cute!

  13. The blogging community is really accepting and they welcome everyone! I agree with you how when people post comments and such it makes everything seem worthwhile. Events like Busting The Newbie Blues really help!


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