Sunday, 4 March 2012

In My Mailbox #45

Hey everyone, welcome to another In My Mailbox, hosted by The Story Siren! :) I've decided I can't be bothered to only do it every month - so now it's spontaneous! Whenever I feel I have enough books to show you, you'll see them :D This week I have lots - I bought rather a lot, so I need to go on book buying ban immediately, I think ;P

For Review:

Fury by Elizabeth Miles 
Unrest by Michelle Harrison
Torn by Amanda Hocking
When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle
Fever by Lauren Destefano x2


Slide by Jill Hathaway
Department 19 by Will Hill x2
The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson x2


The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins - So I read the UK paperbacks when they all first came out, and the books are AMAZING. Seriously, if you haven't read them, what are you waiting for?! But the UK PBs aren't that nice, and the US hardcovers are gorgeous, and I need to reread the first one before the movie comes out so I used it as an excuse to buy these beautiful books xD They are definitely among the most gorgeous things I own! :D

So what did you get in your mailboxes this week? I'm especially excited to read Slide, Fever and Unrest, and all books that I have duplicates of (Dept 19, The Name of the Star, and Fever) have gone into my giveaway pile as prizes! I now have six books in this pile, so look out for a giveaway or two soon! :D 

Also, The Name of the Star and Department 19 are both ONE POUND (£1) in Waterstones, to celebrate World Book Day! If you're in the UK, head over to your nearest Waterstones to buy them, because they are awesome books and an absolute bargain! :D 

Leave me a comment and link, and I'll come check out what you got in your mailbox this week! Happy reading everyone!


  1. Some serious speed typing there, well done! Great stack of books. I feel like a complete idiot because I was in town yesterday and forgot to go to Waterstones to see if they had Department 19 or Name of the Star left - argh!

  2. Unrest looks so amazing! I'm so jealous of all the people who got it this week. And those HG hardbacks are stupidly pretty. I must have them ;) Happy reading!

  3. drooling over the THG box set. proper lush!

  4. Great haul! I really need to buy myself THG for myself.

    The Fury's cover is absolutely fantastic! *v*

    Here's my IMM. ♥

  5. THG hardbacks are lovelly! I'm so annoyed because just after I bought the ugly paperbacks they released the new ones which are MUCH nicer!!

    I got TNotS for £1 too! LOVE WBD haha.

    The Cait Files

  6. Love those US hard back Hunger Games books - gorgeous!

  7. Okay, epic haul, Bella, EPIC. HAUL. When You Were Mine and Unrest! *squeeeeee* And I love that S&S decided to use the US cover of Fury for the paperback here, I really like it :) THG = gorgeousness. ENJOY!

  8. OOOh nice! You got 2 of the Name of the Star! Neat! I have that one on my TBR mountain still. Really want to read it, as well as everything else on that thing!

    Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  9. Great books! I'm jealous of Slide and I grabbed a copy of TNotS and Department 19 too :)

  10. Awesome mailbox :D So so many great books ;D I hope you enjoy them all. <3 :)
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  11. ohhh, someone went on a bit of a shopping spree, eh :) and hunger games, well, we all know how awesome that series is. love the covers! happy reading girl.

  12. Ohhhh I got Fever this week too!!! Awesome haul, can't wait to see what you think of Fury, I've heard mixed things so I'm looking forward to it :)

    My IMM

  13. Woah, nice haul! Enjoy Fever, it was amazing. I'm like you where I have a paperback of the Hunger Games and I need a hardcover :)

  14. I got The Hunger Games box set for Christmas, and I totally agree they are gorgeous and shiny! So pretty. Fever is really good, I hope you enjoy.

    ~Happy Reading!

  15. Uh I love all your books! Awesome that you got so many duplicates;)I can't wait for When You Were Mine!!!

  16. Gorgeous books! I missed out on Waterstones offer. ;( I hope Unrest is a wicked read, because i love the cover of this book. Enjoy all your reads!

  17. My US hardbacks came, yay! They've been hidden from me though.

    I have Slide too - it looks great! I also need to read Wither so I can get to Fever.


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