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Book Review: The Fledgling Handbook by PC Cast

The Fledgling Handbook 101Title: The Fledgling Handbook
Author: PC Cast
Series: House of Night Companion Novel
Pages: 157
Date of UK Publication: 26th October 2010
Source: Library
Synopsis from Goodreads: Merry meet, fledgling. I trust this guide will serve you well…. Every vampyre fledgling who arrives at the House of Night receives a copy of "The Fledgling Handbook 101", and now, fans can have one, too, with this gorgeous must-have edition. Inside you’ll find original stories, the complete vampyre history, inside info into rituals, vamp biology, and the Change, and much more.

My Thoughts:
I love the House of Night series. I love the story, the characters, the world that the Casts have created. I really wanted to love this. But unfortunately, I didn't.

It started off okay, with an introduction into the House of Night world and with the biology of vampyres and how your body changes, I thought that was pretty interesting, because it was so well thought out and it really shows that the author had really thought about the world she created in her books. So that was pretty cool, although becoming a vampyre sounds really creepy :L

Then it goes onto a Rituals section of the Handbook, and I read a few of the rituals, but I had to skim read most of them, because I got really bored. I don't like saying that, but I did. And that's really all I can say about that chapter...

Chapter three was called 'Nightkind Elementology' and that was okay, and I have decided that I would probably have an earth affinity if I was vampyre...

The rest of the book (apart from a little bit at the end) was about Vampyre History, and I skimmed that too... It didn't interest me, and I felt bad about skimming it and not giving it a proper chance, but I couldn't read it. I tried, but I couldn't.

At least it ended on a good note for me. I enjoyed reading the quotes from vampyres at the end, they were pretty cool, especially the one from William Shakespeare... (Don't worry, he wasn't actually a vampire...)
Overall though, I did't enjoy this book, and as much as I hate writing negative reviews, I felt I needed to share my honest opinion, which is this: I'm so glad I got it from the library! I'm sure House of Night fans will love it, but unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me. Sorry! I still love the HoN series though :D

My Rating:
I give it 2 Feet!

2011 100+ Reading Challenge #23


  1. I bought this a few months ago and got as far as chapter two or something like that. I'm glad I'm not the only one who skimmed over some of the chapters. Thank you. Great review by the way.

  2. I'm sad to say that when I first started the HON series I loved it but now I'm not enjoying it as much and not as excited to read itm I'll finish the series just b/c I wanna see how it ends though.

  3. These authors have never seemed to appeal to me for some unknown reason. :/
    Great review though!

    I adore the name of your blog too!
    Perhaps if you have time, would you mind stopping by mine?

  4. Great review, it's always hard to write a good negative review. It's a shame that this one didn't live up to your expectations.


    I'm now a new follower. I have been enjoying your blog and I love your title :)


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