Monday, 7 November 2011

Lauren Kate Cover Reveals!

So, I just got an email from Random House with new covers for both of Lauren Kate's new books coming out in 2012! The first one is Rapture, which is book 4 of the Fallen series:

I really like this one - I really like how it's sort of gone back to the theme of the first two covers, how it is all blue and white, or colours from a similar colour scheme instead of lots of different colours like Passion was... If that makes sense. I also like how on this cover she's wearing a white dress instead of a black dress, so I'm wondering if that has any significance... 

Fallen (Fallen, #1)  Torment (Fallen, #2)  Passion (Fallen, #3)

The other cover reveal was for her other book, Fallen In Love. Fallen In Love is going to be a book set in the world of the Fallen series, but instead of focusing on Luce and Daniel, Fallen In Love will focus on some of the more minor characters, and their romances, like Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane and Luce and Daniel. It sounds awesome! And here is the cover: 

I really like this cover too. ALL of Lauren Kate's books have beautiful covers. I love the simplicity of them, but yet they look so effective. I really like the greens and purples on this cover, and while it looks very similar to the Fallen series covers, it's not quite the same, and if you look carefully there are subtle differences between this and the series which tell you it's not an actual main book in the series. I think it's gorgeous - and my one complaint is the sticker! I hate stickers on books, so hopefully, it won't be printed on the front, and I'll be able to peel it off! 

What do you think about these covers? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the cover for Rapture! I love the white dress and the birds (is that weird? haha). I'm not a fan of the girl's hair though. It looks too... clumpy. I think.

    The cover for Fallen in Love is stunning though. So, so pretty.

  2. I always love the covers for the FALLEN series, and these are no exception. But I have only listened to the audiobook version of FALLEN so I hope that FALLEN IN LOVE will be my real step into the world of Lauren Kate.


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