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Book Review: Beastly - Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury is the most popular guy in school. He has everything. Looks, money, charisma. He acts like he's God, and in some people's eyes, he is. But, when he plays a nasty prank on the new girl, who happens to be really ugly, she does something equally nasty back. She's a witch, and now Kyle is a beast. He is hairy and ugly, like a real beast. And the only way to undo this awful curse is to find a girl who will look over his ugly looks, and love him for who he is. He thought it was easy. But soon enough, he realises that it certainly is not. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Alex Flinn has taken the well known fairy tale, modernized it and made it into her own. Kyle is a shallow teenager who has to go on a long journey to realise that there is actually more to life than good looks and lots of money, and that being kind and intelligent isn't such a bad thing. The incredible transformation that goes on inside Kyle is written beautifully, with him starting off as

2010 100+ Reading Challenge

Today, I'm going to start the 2010 100+ Reading Challenge, hosted by . I have to read 100 books or more in 2010. As I have started half way through the year, I'm going to list the books that I have already read this year (I have a list on Shelfari), and then add the books I read on from there. Wish me luck! If you want to join, click here to add you name! Once I have finished the book, I will write it in on my list =] 2010 books: 1. The Sweet Far Thing - Libba Bray 2. The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong 3. The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong 4. The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong 5. Fade Out - Rachel Caine 6. Kiss of Death - Rachel Caine 7. Burned - PC & Kristin Cast 8. The Splendour Falls - Rosemary Clement-Moore 9. Blue Bloods - Melissa de la Cruz 10. Masquerade - Melissa de la Cruz 11. Revelations - Melissa de la Cruz 12. Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl 13. The Luxe - Anna Godbersen 14. Rumours - Anna

Revealed: The Lost Saint - Bree Despain

The cover for the second book in The Dark Divine series by Bree Despain has been revealed! There is a contest over at her website, so go check it out here .

Book Review: The Dark Divine - Bree Despain

On the night that Daniel Kalbi disappeared, it was obvious to Grace Divine that something awful had happened. That was the night she found her brother Jude, collapsed and covered in blood on her front porch. Though she knew something awful had happened, she didn't have any idea of what was really going on. Now Daniel has returned. Her family desperately try to keep the secrets about what happened that night from Grace, but she is determined to dig them up and find them out, especially now that Daniel is enrolled at Grace and Jude's high school. Jude had made Grace promise to stay away from him, but old feelings have resurfaced, and she can't seem to keep her promise. As Grace gets closer to Daniel, her relationship with her brother gets worse. She puts her own life in danger, but she doesn't even know it. Grace must find out what Jude, Daniel, and even her own father are keeping from her, the truth behind the secrets that have been kept from her, and find the cure t

Book Review: Bleeding Violet - Dia Reeves

Love... can be a dangerous thing. Hanna simply wants to be loved. With a head plagued by hallucinations, a medicine cabinet full of pills, and a closet filled with frilly violet dresses, Hanna's tired of being the outcast, the weird girl, the freak. So she runs away to Portero, Texas, in search of a new home. But Portero is a stranger town than Hanna expects. As she tries to make a place for herself, she discovers dark secrets that would terrify any normal soul. Good thing for Hanna, she's far from normal. As this crazy girl meets an even crazier town, only two things are certain: Anything can happen and no one is safe. - From the back of the book. Bleeding Violet is amazing. It is so different from anything I have ever read before, and I couldn't put it down. It took me just over a day to read. The writing style is easy to read and interesting, and the characters are real and believable. The story is crazy, and shouldn't make sense, but somehow, in some weird, t

Book Review: The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

My name is Meghan Chase. In less than twenty four hours I'll be sixteen. Countless stories, songs and poems have been written about this wonderful age, when a girl finds true love and the stars shine for her and the handsome prince carries her off into the sunset. I don't think it will be that way for me. Meghan Chase has a secret destiny - one she could never have imagined... Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan's life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school... or at home. WHen a dark stranger begins watching her from afar, and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her, Meghan senses that everything she's known is about to change. But she could never have guessed the truth - that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she'll go to save someone she cares about, to stop a mysterious evil no f

Book Review: City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes is the second book in the thrilling series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. This book picks up right where the first book, City of Bones, left off. Now that Clary Fray knows the truth about herself, and realizes that the boy she loves is actually her brother, things get complicated. She knows she shouldn't be attracted to him, and she knows that her best friend Simon loves her, but she can't help but love Jace in ways that she should not. She struggles to keep a positive attitude, and I don't blame her. Her mum is in a coma, she's in love with her brother, her best friend is in love with her but she can only love him as a brother, and her dad is complete psycho. Now, Jace, having discovered that he is Clary brother, and son of Valentine, an evil Shadowhunter, is now being accused of being his father's spy in the Institute. He is taken away from the Lightwoods, his adoptive family, to be tested to see if he was lying about being a spy.

Book Review: Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz

Some secrets shouldn’t be kept… Until three months ago, sixteen-year-old Camelia’s life gave been fairly ordinary. Then a mysterious boy named Ben started junior year at her school and changed everything. Rumoured to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. Despite the rumours, she’s inexplicably drawn to him… and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she’s in danger, and that he wants to help – but can he be trusted? She knows he’s hiding something… but he’s not the only one with a secret. This book is mysterious and rather creepy. Throughout the book, Laurie Faria Stolarz has thrown in red herring after red herring, keeping you guessing, re-guessing, and then re-guessing again. I found myself thinking, 'It must be him. He's the stalker. Actually, no wait, perhaps not... (reads a few more pages.

Book Review: City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray thinks she is a normal teenager in a world full of other normal teenagers. But, when a mysterious blue haired boy in a night club gets murdered before her very eyes, and no one else seems to see it, she starts to question what she thought she knew. When Clary receives a strange phone call from her mum, warning her not to come home, what does she do? She runs home as quickly as possible to see what was wrong. Instead of finding her mum, she finds a apartment in ruin and a strange demon being waiting for her. A normal girl would be killed immediately, but being the not normal girl that she is, she just manages to kill it, and is rescued by Jace, one of the strange boys who killed the blue haired boy at the nightclub, who takes her to the institute, a safe place for people like him. Slowly, Clary is becoming more and more able to use her ‘Sight’, the power that enables her to see through glamours, and see what the world is really like. She soon learns that the world is ful

Book Review: Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red is a modern twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood. Except, this time, Red Riding Hood doesn’t get killed, she does the killing. When Scarlett and Rosie March were younger, their grandma, Oma March, was attacked and eaten by a Fenris (wolf). Now, Scarlett and Rosie are on a mission, to stop anything like that happen again. Of course, they can’t stop all the wolves in the world, but they’re determined to do what they can. Well, Scarlett is anyway. The older of the two sisters, Scarlett, wears an eye patch, due to the fact that the wolf who ate her grandma, also took her eye. Her skin is covered in rough scars, from all the fights she’s been in with the wolves. Along with her hunting partner Silas Reynolds, Scarlett and her sister Rosie spend their evenings hunting wolves in their hometown of Ellison. But, though the sisters may think that they are two parts of the same heart, the bond between them is tested when Rosie grows closer to Silas. What will Rosie choose

Book Review: Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead

After returning from her adventures trying to kill Dimitri, Rose finds herself back at St. Vladimir’s. Even though she had dropped out of her field experience to become a fully-fledged guardian, she’s allowed back in, and she graduates from school, and becomes a guardian. Whether she’ll be allowed to guard Lissa, is another story though. At the beginning of the story, Rose is romantically involved with Adrian. She’s told everybody that she is totally over Dimitri, but she isn’t. And when she heard that there might be a way to save him, and make him dhampir again, she couldn’t resist. Even if it involves breaking Lissa’s biggest enemy out of the biggest prison in the dhampir world. But she has to try. She can’t give up on Dimitri, can she? It’s risky, and the only person who claims to have done it had gone insane. What if, in trying to save Dimitri, she gets her friends killed? Could she give up on everything she has worked for her whole life? Is she that self centred and selfish?

Book Review: Blood Promise - Richelle Mead

Rose must keep her promise. The promise she made to Dimitri. If either she or Dimitri ever became a Strigoi, the other must go and kill them, as even death is better than being a Strigoi. Since Dimitri was turned Strigoi in the last book, Rose must make good on her promise, and kill Dimitri and free him. He’d do it for her. So Rose is off to find Dimitri and put a stake through his heart. She knows that she might not return. She knows that once she reaches Dimitri – if she reaches Dimitri – she may not be able to kill him. And since Dimitri was once her instructor, he knows all her moves, the way she fights. Everything. Would she even be able to get that clear moment she needs to end his life? In Blood Promise, Rose ends up in Russia, looking for Dimitri. The first place she look is Dimitri’s home town, but, he is not there. Instead, she finds his family. They welcome her into their home, even though she is the bearer of bad news. She tells them what happened to Dimitri, but doesn

Book Review: Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead

Shadow Kiss is the 3rd book in the popular Vampire Academy. Rose only has six weeks of field experience left of her 2 year training, before she can become a real guardian. Having spent most of her life guarding her best friend Lissa, who she is also bonded by spirit with, she thinks that it will be a piece of cake. That is, until she finds out that she isn’t going to be guarding Lissa, she’ll be guarding Lissa’s boyfriend, Christian. And to make things worse, Rose isn’t that big a fan of Christian… She’s also seeing Mason. Yes, Mason, the boy who was killed by a Strigoi before Rose’s own eyes. But he can’t really be there, can he? There’s no such thing as ghosts, is there? She thinks that she might be going crazy, but she can’t tell anyone because they might confirm her suspicions… And of course, Dimitri is also a big part of her life. Though she has tried and tried, Rose still cannot seem to get rid of the feelings she has for her instructor. Even though she knows that a relations

Book Review: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer

Having read the Twilight Saga and loved it, I was really looking forward to this book. But now, after finishing it, I am left feeling disappointed. When I first read Twilight, I was obsessed, and had to read the next books as quickly as I could. After Twilight though, the whole series just went downhill from there. Of course, at the time I read it, I thought they were amazing, but, looking back, I’m not so sure. Eclipse was my least favourite of the four books. All through it, Bella was moaning and whining, and thinking about it now, I think, ‘How did I ever think this was amazing?’ When the main plot line was finally revealed, I had high expectations, ones that were too high. I was disappointed. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, follows the story of one of the newborns who was created to attack Bella and the Cullens by Victoria. Bree Tanner is a ‘real’ vampire, one that hunts and eats humans, one that can’t go out in the sunlight (or so they think) etc.

Book Review: The Splendour Falls - Rosemary Clement-Moore

Sylvie is broken. Her father;s death broke her heart. Her mother’s remarriage broke her spirit. And a broken leg ends her career as a ballerina. She’s lost so much… is she losing her mind as well? Shawn is the resident golden boy, the one everyone thinks Sylvie should be with, the obvious choice. Rhys is handsome and mysterious and has a hold on Sylvie that she doesn’t quite understand. A heroin who will steal your heart. A house that will haunt you. A love story that will leave you breathless. - From the back of the book.  It’s long. The book, at just over 500 pages, is quite long, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, a lot of it could have been cut out, and though you wouldn’t get so much information, the story line would still be a good one. The character of Sylvie was very well written, and she is very believable, and all the pain she’s going through from losing her dad, then losing her career as a professional ballerina, and then add in the fear of losing h

Book Review: The Luxe - Anna Godbersen

Elizabeth and Diana Holland seem to rule the social scene in Manhattan. But this might not be the case. But, when the girls find out that they are not as rich as they thought, and are on the brink of becoming poor, Elizabeth is forced to marry Henry Schoonmaker, much to best friend and former contender for Henry’s love, Penelope Hayes. But now, Henry has met Diana, Elizabeth’s little sister, and it seems to him that the younger Holland sister is more interesting than his fiancee. And, to make it all worse, Elizabeth’s heart does not belong to Henry, it belongs to the Holland coachman, Will. With her family’s fortune depending on her, Elizabeth must choose between what is best for her family, and what is best for herself. She wishes she could just disappear… The Luxe is Anna Godbersen’s debut novel, and a brilliant one at that. It is Gossip Girl, in the 1800s, and just as good. The characters are written well, and all events seem completely believeable. Some characters make you wan

Book Review: Wake - Lisa McMann

Janie falls into peoples dreams. Whenever she gets too close to a sleeping person, she gets sucked into dreams and there is nothing she can, no matter how hard she tries. There are the falling dreams, and the being naked in front of lots of people dreams, but then there are also other dreams. Nightmares. Now Janie is outside, behind a shed. In somebody’s dream. She is alone. She doesn’t quite understand how she can be alone in someone else’s dream, but there she is and there is absolutely nothing she can do. She just hopes that something isn’t going to jump out of the wall or from behind a bush or something… This book wasn’t great. It was short. Was written oddly. I’m still not quite sure if I liked it or not. People say that it’s a marmite book, you love it or you hate it, but I don’t know which. If the book had taken more time to explain what on earth was going on, it may have been better, but things weren’t explained and I found myself confused as to what was going on. When I

Book Review: The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

All Chloe Saunders wants is a life like any normal teenager - the chance to get through school, make friends, and maybe meet a boy But when she starts seeing ghosts, she knows that life will never be normal again.  Soon the ghosts are everywhere, demanding her attention. When Chloe finally breaks dwon, she's admitted to a group home for disturbed kids. At first, Lyle House seems okay, but as she gets to know the other patients - charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a 'thing' for fire - Chloe begins to realise that something strange and sinister binds them all together, and isn't your usual 'problem kid' behaviour.  And they're about to discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home, either... - From the back of the book. It starts a little slow. But, it does pick up, and from there, it just gets better and better. I love the storyline, and the characters are real and engaging. The storyline may

Book Review: Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

For years, Grace has been watching the wolves that live in the woods behind her house. Her wolf, a gorgeous yellow eyed wolf, has stood at the end of her garden, and Grace cannot seem to live without him. Sam has lived two lives. His human life, and his… not so human life. In winter, every winter, Sam transforms into a beautiful yellow eyed wolf, protected by the trees. In the summer, he gets a few precious months of normal human life, before the weather gets colder, forcing him to shift back to his wolf form. When Grace meets a mysterious yellow eyed boy, the familiarity between him and the wolf astonishes her. It can’t be him. But it seems like it is him. But, as winter approaches, Sam must fight to stay human for as long as he can, as shifting may risk losing his human self, and Grace forever. This book is amazing. Having never read anything by Maggie Stiefvater before, I didn’t really know what to expect, especially as I hadn’t really read any sort of werewolf/shifter book be

Book Review: Glass Houses - Rachel Caine

Welcome to Morganville. Just don't stay out after dark.   Morganville is a small college town filled with unusual characters. But when the sun goes down, the bad come out. Because in Morganville, there is an evil that lurks in the darkest shadows - one that will spill out in the bright light of day.  For Claire Danvers, high school was hell, but college may be murder. It was bad enough that she got on the wrong side of Monica, the meanest of the school's mean girls, but now she's got three new roommates, who all have secrets of their own. And the biggest secret of all isn't really a secret, except from Claire: Morganville is run by vampires, and they are hungry for fresh blood... - from the back of the book. I love this series, it's by far one of my favourite vampire series. It's action-packed, fast moving, and you can't stop reading. This novel highlights problems that many teens face, from all over the world. Claire has over protective parents, is

2010 Debut Authors Reading Challenge

I'm taking part in the 2010 Debut Authors Reading Challenge =] I'm just going to aim for 15 books, but that may go up when I start to get near the end of the challenge... The Story Siren is hosting this challenge, and all you have to do is read some books by debut authors from 2010 =] For more information and to sign up, you can click here . My reading list: The Iron King - Julie Kagawa (finished: 23/05/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) Bleeding Violet - Dia Reeves (finished: 01/07/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) Paranormalcy - Kiersten White (finished: 31/12/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready The Dark Divine - Bree Despain (finished: 14/07/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) Numbers - Rachel Ward Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins (finished: 13/11/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) Claire de Lune - Christine Johnson (finished: 23/08/2010) ( REVIEW HERE ) The Line - Teri Hall Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Brightly Woven - Alexandra Bracken Other - Karen Kincy Whisper -

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I review books. YA supernatural books mostly, but sometimes another genre may creep in too... I love reading. I read for fun, not something many teenagers like me do, which I think is sad. I made this blog to share my love of books with the world, as I can't do this where I am. This blog originally started on Wordpress, but I have decided to move to Blogger, just to see if it's better. If not, this blog will be deleted and will remain at Wordpress, so if you can't find it one day, head over to and everything should be there =] I do hope you enjoy your stay, and come back soon!