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Book Review: How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne

Title:  How Hard Can Love Be? Author: Holly Bourne Series:  Normal, #2 Pages:  470 Publisher: Usborne Children's Books Date of Publication: 1st February, 2016 Source: Bought Synopsis from Goodreads: Amber, Evie and Lottie: three girls facing down tough issues with the combined powers of friendship, feminism and cheesy snacks. Both hilarious and heart-rending, this is Amber’s story of how painful – and exhilarating – love can be, following on from Evie’s story in Am I Normal Yet? All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber's hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that. And then there's prom king Kyle, the guy all the girls want. Can he really be interested in anti-cheerleader Amber? Even with best friends Evie and Lottie's advice, there's no escaping the fact: love is hard. My Thoughts: I am a

REVIEW: Casting Queen by Perdita and Honor Cargill

Title:  Casting Queen Author:  Perdita and Honor Cargill Series:   Waiting For Callback, #1 Pages:  346 Publisher:  Simon and Schuster Children's Books Date of Publication:  28th January, 2016 Source:  Publisher for review* Synopsis from Goodreads: When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent, she imagines Oscar glory can't be far away, but instead lurches from one cringe-worthy moment to the next! Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of 'Dead Girl Number Three' without losing hope? And who knew that actors were actually supposed to be multi-lingual, play seven instruments and be trained in a variety of circus skills? Off-stage things aren't going well either - she's fallen out with her best friend, remains firmly in the friend-zone with her crush and her parents are driving her crazy. One way or another, Elektra's life is now spent waiting for the phone to ring - waiting for callback. Can an average girl-next-door like Elektr