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B&DERM: Q&A #5: All about NetGalley

Hello! Welcome to the fifth and last B&DERM question and answer post! I have one question and answers from five awesome bloggers, as well as your hosts, Daph from Loving Books and myself! We hope they'll be interesting for you ;) This week's question is...

If you use NetGalley, do you tackle that TBR the same way as you tackle your physical TBR pile? Do you prioritise one over the other?

Stacey from Pretty Books:
I tend to tackle them in the exact same way - e-galleys/proofs/review copies are all on my schedule, but I'll be honest and say that I tend to give priority to physical copies. This is because they're mostly from publishers that I've personally talked to, and so I'd feel bad if I neglected them for too long. I do love to get my NetGalley list down though! It's nice to switch between formats too.

Ashley from What's Your Story?:
I don’t treat my Netgalley titles any differently than a normal review book. They go onto my Kindle (which is my designated review book e-reader), and then they also go up onto my big easel pad of need-to-be-reviewed by their release date. I read all of my review books in the order of which is being released first.

Sara from Just Another Story:
I generally chose to read the physical copies books that I have. I do use NetGalley, but more often then not, those books are neglected. I do try to get to them, however it is not at often. I feel like SO many people are using NetGalley and that a lot of the same books are being read nad reviewed that it's ok if I miss them.

Amber from Books of Amber:
Ah, NetGalley... Usually, I just pick whatever takes my fancy because I often can't be bothered to look up the release date when I'm not online. I do sometimes read the shorter ones first, and sometimes I do look up the release date and I read the earlier ones first. I really need to sort this out, because my NG TBR is a mess right now.

Carina from Fictional Distraction:
While I try to read physical reviews copies from publishers and review copies from authors first, I really do my best to reduce my pile of NetGalley books. It's difficult to find a balance between everything, because on the one hand, I want to keep getting these awesome eGalleys, but on the other hand, there are review titles that just have to be read first. If only I could stop myself from requesting more and more NetGalley books... any ideas?

Daph from Loving Books:
I seriously hope someone has some tips for me to tackle this, because my NG TBR is ridiculous.. And I can't seem to be able to stop requesting new titles. Since the beginning of the year, I've tried to read galleys before the books are published, and it works, partly. I still read what strikes my interest without thinking about the releasedate, although now I also pay attention to the publication date. It's just.. Not fully implemented in my reading habits. Sometimes I'll get a new galley and immediately read that one, even though I still have like 5 galleys that come out this month, let alone all the other ones that I still haven't read. Yes, it's a problem!

Bella from Cheezyfeet Books:
I wish it wasn't like this, but my NetGalley books get neglected too. My physical review copies get priority, especially the proofs, then it's the already released review copies, and THEN it's NetGalley titles. I know I shouldn't treat them any differently but I guess because I can't actually see the books piling up, I forget about them, or I don't get around to reading them in time. Lately I've been good though and I only have 3 left to read, so at the moment it's going okay, though I have a lot of requests that haven't been accepted or declined yet, which could be very bad news for my TBR! ;)


This is the last Q&A post for B&DERM! :( We hope you've enjoyed them and found them interesting if not useful too. The next B&DERM post will be the final wrap-up, with posts from both myself and Daph, so look out for those! :D Remember, if you haven't signed up yet, head over to the kick off post where you can add your name to the linky - there's still time! Grab the button too, if you want! :D There'll be a linky on Thursday for you to link up any reviews you've posted during the month, and don't forget to use the #BandDERM hashtag when tweeting about it on Twitter! :D Also, don't forget, all reviews linked up this month enter you into the giveaways mentioned below, and there are more coming too! ;D

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  1. I do pretty much the same for all my read-to-review books, I usually go by which is being released first/ which blog tour is coming first etc, and read them in order like that :)

  2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone about being terrible with NetGallery! I can't help but request and then there the galleries sit as I read my physical books first. I'm doing good right now though, only two books left waiting for me on NetGallery! :) Thanks for posting this, it's interesting to see everyone's different methods.

    P.S. New follower, nice to meet you!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


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