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B&DERM: Wrap-up #2 and UK Giveaway

Hello! The first full week of May has gone by, and now it's time for our second Bella & Daph's Epic Review Month weekly wrap up post! We hope you got lots of review book reading done - I did, I think! :)

What I read:
So since the beginning of May, since I didn't do a wrap-up post for myself last week, I have read three books! I'm pretty proud of that, as I have exams coming up soon and I'm constantly revising (okay, that's more than a little bit of an overstatement - I'm maybe doing an hour and a half a night AND I have school ;P ) and so I have less reading time, but it's going okay. Here's what I've read and what I thought:

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han - A wonderfully lovely ending to an amazing series. Team Conrad!!
Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid - A completely different contemp to the WAHS - and nearly as good. The writing at the beginning was a little slow but the story was incredible and the journey the characters took was amazing.
Struck by Jennifer Bosworth - A post-apocalyptic novel about a girl who's addicted to getting struck by lightning. Awesome.

Let us know what you've been reading!
Leave a comment below telling us what you read and what you thought of it, or how many books you read, or whatever you want! Alternatively, you can write your own wrap-up post and link that in the linky down below!

There's a readathon!
So, as announced in the kick-off post, today is the start of our three-day weekend readathon! I'm not taking part (I might on Sunday for a little bit) because I've got a signing (to get your prizes signed, more on that below) and loads of revision and homework to do, but I'll be here, motivating you all to keep going! Daph will have a post with more about that later :)

Written any reviews this week?
There's a linky below - use it to link up your reviews! If you're not a blogger that's fine - a sentence or two on Goodreads or Shelfari or Facebook or wherever you document what you've read (just so we know you've read it) should be linked in the linky below, and by doing this, you'll be eligible for a UK only giveaway! (SORRY international peeps - I can't afford to send out books overseas! Daph has some international B&DERM giveaways running too though so don't you worry!)

In the linky, please link your name and review in this format:
Your name: Book Title
eg: Bella: We'll Always Have Summer


And now for the UK giveaway!
If you've linked up any reviews in the linky above, signed up in the main kick-off post, and you live in the UK, you are eligible for this giveaway! One winner can choose from these prizes:

A signed UK paperback of The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting
A UK paperback of The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
A UK paperback of Department 19 by Will Hill
A UK paperback of Fever by Lauren Destefano

The prize will (probably) come with an assortment of signed and unsigned swag :)

I know the prizes aren't great, but it's everything I have to offer! Again, I'm sorry it's not open internationally, but there are and will be international B&DERM giveaways too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I loooove Conrad too :) !! I'm a bit late to link to my reviews of last week but I had the craziest week :) !! Last week I read Tiger's Quest which I loved and Destined :)


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