Thursday, 1 July 2010

Book Review: Blood Promise - Richelle Mead

Rose must keep her promise. The promise she made to Dimitri. If either she or Dimitri ever became a Strigoi, the other must go and kill them, as even death is better than being a Strigoi. Since Dimitri was turned Strigoi in the last book, Rose must make good on her promise, and kill Dimitri and free him. He’d do it for her.

So Rose is off to find Dimitri and put a stake through his heart. She knows that she might not return. She knows that once she reaches Dimitri – if she reaches Dimitri – she may not be able to kill him. And since Dimitri was once her instructor, he knows all her moves, the way she fights. Everything. Would she even be able to get that clear moment she needs to end his life?

In Blood Promise, Rose ends up in Russia, looking for Dimitri. The first place she look is Dimitri’s home town, but, he is not there. Instead, she finds his family. They welcome her into their home, even though she is the bearer of bad news. She tells them what happened to Dimitri, but doesn’t tell them about her plans for him. Though the Belikovs have offered to let her stay with them, Rose knows she must do what she came to Russia to do.

St. Vladimir’s is never too far away either. Every once in a while, Rose will take a look inside Lissa’s head, or Adrian will pop in and see her in her dreams. Lissa seems to be little lost without her best friend Rose, and has been getting herself into all kinds of trouble. Can she pull herself together and get on with the fact that Rose has gone?

After Shadow Kiss being so good, I was eager to read this book. However, I did not enjoy Blood Promise nearly as much as I enjoyed Shadow Kiss. In Blood Promise, Rose isn’t herself, and it’s as if she’s lost part of herself. She finds herself in all kind of difficult situations, ones that in previous books she would have found her way out of, but in this book, she just sits there and does nothing. Around three quarters of the way through the book, I felt like shouting at the book and telling Rose to hurry up and do something about this. Eventually she did, but it took far longer than it should have.

Though Blood Promise wasn’t the best book in the series, it still had everything expected from a Vampire Academy novel, and I can only hope that Spirit Bound, book 5 in the series, is just as good.

I give it 3 Feet!

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  1. I really loved this book even though it not top of the list out of the six. But I think this books was very necessary just cuz Rose cant be tough all the time and we saw a side of her that is not regularly seen. This was one of the toughest to read from the whole book because it was heart breaking. Both Rose and Lissa kind of lost one of the most important people in their lives and if they were able to carry on without a problem then that wouldnt be true to their character. I enjoyed your review thanks for the post.


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