Monday, 19 July 2010

Book Review: The Dark Divine - Bree Despain

On the night that Daniel Kalbi disappeared, it was obvious to Grace Divine that something awful had happened. That was the night she found her brother Jude, collapsed and covered in blood on her front porch. Though she knew something awful had happened, she didn't have any idea of what was really going on.
Now Daniel has returned. Her family desperately try to keep the secrets about what happened that night from Grace, but she is determined to dig them up and find them out, especially now that Daniel is enrolled at Grace and Jude's high school. Jude had made Grace promise to stay away from him, but old feelings have resurfaced, and she can't seem to keep her promise.
As Grace gets closer to Daniel, her relationship with her brother gets worse. She puts her own life in danger, but she doesn't even know it.
Grace must find out what Jude, Daniel, and even her own father are keeping from her, the truth behind the secrets that have been kept from her, and find the cure that can save the people she loves. But, what if, in saving their souls, she loses her own?

The Dark Divine is really good. The characters are well-written, though sometimes they can be a bit unbelievable. But, despite this, their emotions feel real, and I felt that I could really connect with them.
Though not much happens in the first part of the book, it sets up the story nicely and is still enjoyable to read.

While Grace was trying to figure out what was happening, I found myself wondering too, as I didn't understand Daniel. He was very frustrating, but though some people might have found that annoying, I thought it added to the mystery of the book. I knew something was weird about him, but what that was, I had no idea. I'm not going to tell you what the big secret about Daniel is, because it would spoil the book, as figuring Daniel out just added to my fun. So, keep away from those spoilers!

As the book went along, it got better and better. At about the middle point, I didn't think it could get any better, as it was already so good, but it did, and when it finished, I was kind of disappointed. In a good way, disappointed because there wasn't more story, or another book that I could go out and buy immediately.

The Dark Divine had lots of suspense and mystery, and I am now waiting the too long wait for the second book, The Lost Saint, which comes out in December. I can't wait!

I give it 5 Feet!

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