Thursday, 1 July 2010

Book Review: Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red is a modern twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood. Except, this time, Red Riding Hood doesn’t get killed, she does the killing.

When Scarlett and Rosie March were younger, their grandma, Oma March, was attacked and eaten by a Fenris (wolf). Now, Scarlett and Rosie are on a mission, to stop anything like that happen again. Of course, they can’t stop all the wolves in the world, but they’re determined to do what they can. Well, Scarlett is anyway.

The older of the two sisters, Scarlett, wears an eye patch, due to the fact that the wolf who ate her grandma, also took her eye. Her skin is covered in rough scars, from all the fights she’s been in with the wolves. Along with her hunting partner Silas Reynolds, Scarlett and her sister Rosie spend their evenings hunting wolves in their hometown of Ellison.

But, though the sisters may think that they are two parts of the same heart, the bond between them is tested when Rosie grows closer to Silas. What will Rosie choose? Her true love, or the other half of her heart, her sister?

Sisters Red is one of those books that once you start reading, you can’t stop. Full of energy and twists, it will keep you captivated, right until the very end. There is lots of action, which drives the story forward, and the tension and love between the characters makes it that much better. The book has many twists and turns, and keeps you guessing, then, changing your guess, then changing back etc.

Sisters Red has all the appeal of a classic fairy tale, but also has enough action to keep those looking for a more modern story satisfied.

I give it 4 Feet!

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  1. I really want to read this one it sounds amazing!


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