Thursday, 1 July 2010

Book Review: Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead

After returning from her adventures trying to kill Dimitri, Rose finds herself back at St. Vladimir’s. Even though she had dropped out of her field experience to become a fully-fledged guardian, she’s allowed back in, and she graduates from school, and becomes a guardian. Whether she’ll be allowed to guard Lissa, is another story though.

At the beginning of the story, Rose is romantically involved with Adrian. She’s told everybody that she is totally over Dimitri, but she isn’t. And when she heard that there might be a way to save him, and make him dhampir again, she couldn’t resist. Even if it involves breaking Lissa’s biggest enemy out of the biggest prison in the dhampir world. But she has to try. She can’t give up on Dimitri, can she? It’s risky, and the only person who claims to have done it had gone insane. What if, in trying to save Dimitri, she gets her friends killed? Could she give up on everything she has worked for her whole life? Is she that self centred and selfish?

The fifth instalment in the Vampire Academy series is back up to the high standard that was lost in Blood Promise. Rose returns to the person that she was, the one we all know and love, and her loyalty to those she loves and her no nonsense attitude keeps the book flowing, and makes you need to keep reading. Full of everything you ever wanted from a Vampire Academy novel, Spirit Bound keeps you reading, and hungry for the next book in the series. Overall, much better than Blood Promise, and if, after reading that, are a little unsure about reading the next one, go ahead and read it, it’s much better!

I give it 4 Feet!

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